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Winovazyme attended VIV China 2016 successfully

Winovazyme attended VIV China 2016 successfully

China International Exhibition on Intensive Animal Husbandry (VIV China) is the highest level international exhibition of animal husbandry in China after China entry into WTO. For now, it is the the only international exhibition of animal husbandry. Previous exhibition’s success has attracted from China, Singapore, Chile, Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, UK, France, Spain, the United States, South Korea, India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and other exhibitors more than 20 countries and regions. Intensive animal husbandry is the topic of the exhibition, which is the development trend of world of animal husbandry. It is a inevitable trend join into the international free trade system and economic development.

Winovazyme attended VIV China 2016 which held in Beijing and got a complete success. We show our update enzyme products this year: non-coated phytase HT85, high concentration pectinase, alkaline protease, neutral beta-mannanase HT, and high concentration glucose oxidase. Customers showed great interests on our new enzyme products. Many regular and new customers from Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Pakistan, Iran, etc., visited our booth and talked with us, we sincerely welcome them to visit our office and factory in the future.


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